Apr 15 2014


The Primrose Run – Tuesday 22nd April

primroseOur annual Primrose Run will take place next Tuesday 22nd April, instead of the usual 7pm session.

Starting at 7pm from Allensford car park (the one nearest the A68), this is a multi-terrain run, of just over 6 miles, around part of the beautiful Derwent Valley, in search of the wild primrose which are just coming into bloom.

This run is a perfect opportunity for anyone wanting a small taste of off-road running.



Apr 14 2014


Sand Dancer 10K including NEMAA 10K MT Championship – 13/04/14

Sand Dancer 10K

A canny mix of Bounders were at the seaside basking in spring sunshine on Sunday for this great multi terrain 10K along the cliff tops of South Shields. It was also the North East Masters multi terrain 10K championships too so a good bunch of club runners lined up on the promenade at 11am where a minutes silence was observed to remember those that died in WW1 before the race started.

A nice start to the race long the sea front before a gentle climb onto the cliff tops to start a series of 2 laps of the main course before a fast downhill finish back along the sea front with a lap of gypsies green stadium track to finish. The route underfoot was pretty good with a mixture of track, trail and grass. Once on the tops there was no escape from a fairly breezy wind that made hard going back along the leas twice!

The Bounders did excellent overall with both the men`s and ladies teams finishing 2nd, Patrick Duffy bagging the Vet35 prize money along with a gold medal as part of the North East Masters along with gold and 1st Vet 40 prize money for Leanne Robertson and a silver and 2nd Vet 40 for Ian Young.

A great race with a choice of t shirt or mug all for a tenna thanks to all at South Shields Harriers for organising an excellent event. Deffo a one for next year unless of course you are part of the Bounders marathon posse heading to London!

Thank you as always to all the Bounders supporters/photographers who made the trip across to South Shields.

Full results Sand Dancer 2014


Apr 12 2014


Well done & thank you!


The latest trophy was added to the Bounders collection last Thursday evening when the Men`s XC team were presented with the 3rd Division trophy by league officials at the Start Fitness shop in Newcastle. The men led the division all season and were 4th best performing team overall. A big well done and congratulations to all the Men that have represented the club over the winter. It`s a team event XC and everyone has played their part in winning this trophy for the club. It shows just how much the club has progressed in recent years and bodes well for the future.

Also picking up an award on the night was our very own Sarah Lister who finished runner up in the Veteran Woman Grand Prix. She was beaten by the leagues best Veteran lady Elaine Lesley of Jarrow & Hebburn AC who just happens to be an England Vet. I am sure it wont be long till we see Sarah in an England vest too.


Apr 08 2014


Light Nights are Here!

Now that the clocks have gone forward and the lighter nights have returnedFriday night’s 5:45 pm run will return to starting at Shotley Station, from this coming Friday (11th April).

We can also start to reintroduce some of the routes that we can’t run over the dark winter months. New route suggestions are always welcome, so if you have anything in mind, please speak to a member of the Committee. We’re looking for routes of about 5 – 6 miles, and they don’t always have to start from the Sports Centre.




Apr 08 2014


Blackpool Marathon – Sunday 6th April 2014

Report by Lesley Lee


Taper week had gone badly. After a lot of trouble with my feet and hamstrings the Tuesday before I pulled my “good” leg, probably from compensating for my “bad” leg. Either way I’d over trained for the marathon. Not rested when I should have. Done too many dead miles.

By Friday I tried my leg again. I couldn’t run. I hopped and skipped a sad mile or so then came home and cried. It was my own fault. Plenty had told me to rest and that I was overdoing it. I knew they were right. Saturday morning came. I decided to go to Blackpool, watch the others and make use of the gym and pool in our hotel. Before I went though one more quick test of the leg to make sure I was “properly” injured. I ran, slowly. A mile in, it  didn’t hurt much. I ran faster. got to two miles, not pain just a consciousness of it, so I decided to give it a go and stop if It hurt during the marathon.

1604802_10152694241373998_299440825_nSaturday night was the usual race prep, too much wine with steak and chips. I was happy. Forecast not great. 15mph wind and heavy rain but not too bad.

I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I eventually got up somewhere after 5.30 and went through the usual pre-race routine. I checked the met office. 20mph wind, 30mph gusts and heavy rain from 11am. Great!! I knew the wind usually knocked me a bit and I was a bit gutted but still, I’d rather have a go than not.
The start of the marathon was very easy. Myself, Mike Gill, Mike Swainson and Ste Collins hung around the start line in preparation for the run. Everyone was very relaxed and joking. Mike Gill’s prep had been worse than mine with several “shots” and beers the night before.

At 9.30am the race promptly began. We set off. The first 4 miles were flat with a headwind less than anticipated and I took it easy. I maintained the race pace I’d intended but didn’t push my luck so early on. The first mile felt very easy, the next 3 not so much. When we turned, I’d anticipated a tailwind, but I was surprised by the lack of it. Instead I was just hit by stillness and humidity. Only four miles in and already I had sweat literally dripping down my neck. I kept panicking. I was on target timewise, but this early on I shouldn’t be working so hard. It was on my mind, as were my legs. They felt heavy and tired. I kept going. Passed the Mikes. High 5’d Mike Swainson. It made me smile.

I passed Michael and he cheered me on. I looked at him and wanted to cry/stop, but no pain, no injury, NO EXCUSE. I kept going. Somewhere along here Ste Collins joined me. It was a welcome distraction. We chatted and ran. Discussing how hot it was, the humidity, the blooming wind. We discussed how from a cardiovascular perspective we both felt fine but that our legs were tired. He said he’d undertrained, I’d overtrained, and it was a shame we couldn’t swap a few miles. We ran towards the 9-10 mile point which did seem like an eternity to reach, then we turned to head back up again running this time along the seafront. WHOAH!!!! HEADWIND! The seafront wind was so strong and the impact instant. You had to put your head down and battle it hard. We both laughed at how awful it was gonna be at 22 miles when we did it a second time. Ah man the wind was awful. It lasted about 4 miles before we reached the slightly more sheltered streets again heading up to the 15 mile point. Ste at this point took a pit stop and I ran on. The rain started and it was heavy. It was somewhat welcome though, as I was so warm and my face so hot, it helped quite a bit. People were crossing the roads, going to the pubs, it was irritating and distracting. Most of them were trying to be considerate, but at one point some bald bloke with a huge beer gut stumbled and stopped right in front of me. I told him he was some kind of inconsiderate idiot but with much more profanity and ran on, still furious at how much it’d hurt to suddenly stop then start again.

Now again the turn. The bit that was supposed to feel better but didn’t. I turned. The wind died again but I still felt exhausted. I passed both Mikes again. High 5’d them both. Again. Made me smile. Mike Gill shouted encouragement and gave me a big thumbs up. It helped. A lot.

I ran, 16 miles, 17 miles. I heard someone shout. It was Caroline and Michael Burdon. I looked at her, she shook her head. It made me sad. She’d trained so so hard and was so fit. I wanted to cry again, to stop, but no injury, NO EXCUSE, keep going. I kept going.

I looked for Michael. He’d meant to meet me at 13 miles but hadn’t. They split the half marathon runners and the marathon runners at mile 11 and we’d arranged to do a gel passover at a point where I hadn’t run. I had no gels left and I still felt as though I might need one or two. I heard a shout and looked up. He was ploughing up the street towards me franticly waving them at me. I shouted “it’s okay, stop running, I’ll get to you”, but he didn’t. He kept going and passed them over and shouted “Keep going!”. I did. I wanted to stop so, so much but I just didn’t have an excuse. I was tired. My legs were so, so tired but nothing was injured. No reason EXCEPT giving up. I kept going. I decided to just keep running to the 22 mile turning point and by then I’d have to get back anyway so it made no sense not to finish. Miles 18, 19, 20, 21 took an AGE to arrive. I kept recalling an article I’d read the previous week about miles 17-22 being “dead man’s land”. Whoever wrote it was right. It was THE PITS!!!! You’re no-where near finishing and you’re tired as hell. I was just sick as a chip. Teary and just generally really, really peed off and grumpy. Mile 22 and the turn to the seafront headwind approached. I knew I didn’t have much left. “4 miles Lesley, come on!” I talked to myself. Prayed a few times. “Please just get me through this”. “shut up legs”, “come on, just keep going”, “come on you, you can do this”. Sounds sad now but it’s the truth.

As I turned at mile 22 I saw Penny a friend of mine and then Ste. They both waved and smiled just as I hit the headwind and I thought “oh my goodness”. 4 miles of this!!!! Argh man!! It was so, so cruel.

We were all really spread out. All single file. I remembered Stewy’s advice about sheltering behind people, but there just wasn’t anyone around. I remembered my running book. In the last four miles it makes the time go a lot faster if you pretend to be fishing, hooking people in. I kept seeing people in front of me, we were all struggling so, so badly. People were stopping everywhere. Run/walking their way back. I kept picking people off and passing them.” Fish hooking them in”

Mile 23, Mile 23.2, mile 23.4,23.7, 23.8. Argh!!!!!! Come on!!!. It’s an eternity!!! Every mile took FOREVER!!! 10015010_10152333911637458_29524199_n

I hung into the Cliffside on the left, desperately trying to gain some shelter from the wind. There literally was no escape though. I could see people in front of me battling on but they were all slowing so, so much. Everytime I passed someone I’d look around to see if they were coming back at me, none of them ever did. I reached mile 25.5 with the headwind still strong and brutal, I heard a shout and it was Michael again, telling me that I was nearly there and there was “a pint in it for me”. I knew I was nearly done but it still felt an eternity away. I looked ahead and saw the turn before the finish. I couldn’t believe it! After all of that they’d stuck a hill on the end! Still, the one compensation was that it was facing the other direction so the wind would soon be over. I reached the turn and the sharp hill. On it were two women. One woman put her head down in defeat and I passed her on my toes. The woman to my left ploughed on. I thought “NO! It’s a HILL. I love HILLS”, and I put my head down, pumped my arms, and ploughed up it. I passed her but I could see she was determined. I reached the top and saw the finish line. It seemed a long way off but I knew the woman behind me was on my heels. I ran as fast as I could to the finish, trying desperately to stay ahead and not lose a place. I crossed the line and the chip beeped. Caroline was there. She told me my placing and I cuddled her. I started to cry. She cried too. The woman behind me came and hugged me, told me I’d had a fab run. I told her the same. She was over 55. I was in awe! The other girl came in and hugged me too. I cried until my foot cramp set in and then I screamed like a girl for about an hour until the calf and excruciating foot cramp eventually subsided. We all watched Ste finish, he stopped before the finish line to run over it with his little boy Sam, who was the biggest supporter by a mile.

I couldn’t stay to see the two Mikes finish. My feet wouldn’t let me stand on them and I literally thought aliens had invaded my calf muscles. They were doing some bizarre shapes in my legs.

Anyway, sorry it’s not the most inspirational marathon story ever. It was hard, I didn’t like it for one minute. Am I glad I did it? YES! I’m over the moon I did it. It made me feel invincible. Just like they say it does. They’re right! Maybe one of these days I’ll listen to those lovely clever friends of mine who actually know what they’re talking about.


Lesley Lee – 3:34:57

Stephen Collins – 3:45:05

Mike Gill – 4:32:56

Mike Swainston – 4:48:40


Blackpool Half Marathon

Michael Burdon – 1:50:35


Apr 02 2014


Wallsend 5K Incorporating the NEMAA Championships – 30/03/14


Members of Blackhill Bounders were once again winning medals last weekend over at Wallsend. This flat fast 5K course was run in near perfect conditions with lots of runners posting PB`s. Chip timed and ran in the memory of the late Wallsend Harriers Chairman Terry O`Gara it also incorporated the North East Masters 5K road championships. It`s definitely one for next year and is a perfect leg stretch for all those in training for spring marathons. Thanks to all over at Wallsend for a smashing event.

Bounder Results

Patrick Duffy 1st Vet 35 Gold

Leanne Robertson 2nd Vet 40 Sliver

Full results go to http://www.runbritainrankings.com/results/results.aspx?meetingid=101339


Mar 31 2014


Reminder – Steelworks Relay Practice Run 2.4.14

consett_frtn_470x313As an alternative to our annual Snods invitational race we are going to hold a team relay event on the Steelworks Site on the 21st May. We have outgrown the hall at Snods, which can no longer accommodate the increasing interest in the race. We need volunteers to help on the night with Marshalling and Administration. If you can help please see Dave Anderson.


We will be holding a practice run this Wednesday, 2nd April. As this is a new event to us, we really need your support to iron out any issues. We will need people to run as well as ‘organise’. So we’d like a great turn out for the recce. We will meet at the Sports Centre at 18:45, to run to the Steelworks site by the show houses on the new estate, to start at 19:00 (bring a coat, you could be standing about a bit).


There will be no Coached Session on the 2nd April, but you can do some great hill reps on the relay course!

Mar 26 2014


North East Harrier League Round Up 2013/14

 Bounder bairns

Wow what a season, thank you so much to everyone of you that took part in the XC Harrier League. To think that only a few years ago we had to press gang people into running for the club most of the time not having enough to count for teams. We don’t have that problem anymore with record numbers representing the club across all the divisions.

Last season the 2 remaining juniors moved up into the senior division so a lot of work has been done by Stewy Bell and his team to get some new recruits to step up to XC. They have all performed superbly over the season with lots of support from their parents and the seniors from the side lines.

Moving onto the lasses who began the season well picking up silver medals in the Davison Shield. Sarah Lister & Leanne Robertson were also considered for selection for the England Masters after their personal performances for the club a true reflection of their own achievements and putting the club on the map. Record numbers took part over the course of the season however some big counters were missing for certain races and the lasses had to sweat a bit in the final fixture to confirm their position in Division 1 for next season.

Finally the lads convincingly won the 3rd Division title after leading it for the majority of the season. Some fantastic personal performances from the likes of Patrick Duffy, Stewy Bell and Jordan Bell making his debut for the seniors and getting promoted to the fast pack in consecutive races. A huge turnout, to many to mention, at each race from across the board for the men resulted in them winning the league and being tipped to go on and be future division 1 champions!

A big thanks must go to the support team of Joy & Colin, Stewy, Ian and Sarah the team managers who not only come along to every fixture and support us 100% there are also things like the tent and flag to transport to each venue and put up and take down, numbers to allocate, and the registration of all the club athletes. The team spirit and camaraderie is what makes XC in our club so successful. No matter what standard you are you will always be made to feel welcome and part of the team.

Well done everybody keep up the good work for next season!

All final results are now on the Harrier League website http://www.harrierleague.com/results/


Mar 20 2014


Grand Prix Race Substitution

Grand-PrixDue to the Durham County Council Trail Race Series being cancelled this year, I’ve had to substitute the Chester-le-Street race in April for something else. After a quick browse of the race calender, the North Tyneside 10k on April 20th seemed the most logical replacement.

This is a very popular race, with a limit of 2200. Entries close on April 4th, and are taken by post only (the form can be found here). There will be no entries on the day. If you want to enter this one… don’t dilly dally!


Mar 19 2014


NEHL 6 – Wrekenton


This Saturday is the last fixture in this seasons Harrier League and there is lots still to play for. The Men are hoping to wrap up the division 3 title, the ladies are looking to confirm their place in division 1 for next season and the juniors will finish the season on a high with more taking part this season than ever before. We were only on this course last month for fixture no4 so there will be the usual mud and small hills to cope with hopefully not as much wind this time around to deal with! As always there will be car sharing to the event with plenty parking at the venue. Check the Bounders facebook page for further details. Once the XC is complete there is a function on for the whole league at the fed brewery tickets must be purchased in advance make sure you keep your race number as it will be used in a raffle draw on the night. On behalf of the club thanks to everyone that has taken part this season its been a cracker with some fine performances to note. Special mention to those that come along to support and help out with putting the tent and flag up. Well done to all keep up the good work!

With this being the last fixture of the season the Harrier League officials are extra busy and have asked to pass on the following important information so please take note!

Any registrations get them in early because we’ll be really really busy on the day….


I’ve not got time to sort out loads of replacements, and you’ll have to go to the school to collect numbers – there will be NO numbers available on the course.

Coaches: Tell your runners to find their number and pin it to their vest by Thursday, if they can’t find it, let me know before Saturday and I’ll sort out a replacement for 50p

You have been warned – if someone turns up on Saturday with a list of a dozen runners I’ll charge them a pound each

For more info go to the Harrier League website http://www.harrierleague.com/index.php



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