Bamburgh 10k – 15th June, 2014


Report submitted by Andrew Dick

The Event Bamburgh 10k
Overall Score (out of a possible 35)  23
PB Potential 4
Atmosphere 2
Organisation 3
Scenery 5
Value for Money 2
Beginner Friendliness 3
Club Support & Social 4
In Short Genuine Road Race with a stunning castle
In Full: This was only my third proper race so my scores are not based on much experience. However, I was genuinely looking forward to starting and finishing a race with the most picturesque castle in the country as the backdrop. It was an early start with registration closing at 09:30 so left a sleeping house at 07:30 and made my way to pick up my running nemesis from Heaton. An easy drive up the coastal route passing along some of the route spotting the 7, 8 and 9 km markers by the side of the road. Parked no problem opposite the castle in the public car park and bumped into Colin Hodgson who had just returned from collecting his number. My mate and I set off for registration in the Cricket pavilion just in front of the castle. Already a fair number of club runners hanging about, warming up, stretching and yacking away. Couldn’t see any black and gold vests but my friend is in Heaton Harriers so we stood with members of her club. A friendly bunch who were quizzing me the Blackhill park run, which to my shame and work patterns have not had the chance to do.  

The start line was up the hill next to the castle which was filling up when we took our places in the line-up. Still no other black and gold vests to be seen, then spotted Colin Hodgson striding up the hill followed by Stephen Metcalf. We stood together chatting for a while before Colin decided to start at the front, Stephen and I being the less experienced runners found a gap in the middle and set off soon after. It was a fast start with a steep descent down the hill and up through the village before turning left along single track road towards North Sunderland. The roads were still open and a few cars brushed past as the 2-6km section seemed to never end. The route took us past endless fields of winter wheat and grazed pasture. Compared to running in Consett, I thought it was a flat and easy course but listening to people from other clubs they were complaining there were a couple of hills. I must have missed those bits! The route took us back onto the main road which was still open to traffic after the 6k mark. I had settled into my run at this point and the pack had spread out quite a bit. The castle was the obvious landmark and I just put my head down and let muscle memory take over and plugged away at the final 4k. Entering Bamburgh village the footpath reappeared so for the final km we ran along the pavement towards the finish line on the Cricket pitch. Plenty of people cheering the runners along and spotted Colin shouting “come on the Bounders” at the finish so he must have had a good run. Crossed the finishing line with in 48:30 which is my new PB. Collected a bottle of water and went to cheer on the rest of the runners who were coming in thick and fast. Colin it turned out had a blinder came 21st out of 289 runners with a time of 39:08. Stephen was next in also getting a PB so it was a good day for the three of us. My third proper race and second as a Bounder. Can’t wait for next one now.


Full results can be found here


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