Teesdale Triathlon – 21st September, 2014

Report submitted by Elliott Kay

The Event Teesdale Triathlon (Barnard Castle)
Overall Score (out of a possible 35) 31
PB Potential 3
Atmosphere 4
Organisation 4
Scenery 5
Value for Money 5
Beginner Friendliness 5
Club Support & Social 5
In Short What a belter!
In Full: The Teesdale triathlon really is a bit of a love/hate thing. For me, I loved it but crikey it’s hard, but who ever said triathlon was easy!

It was a 5.15 alarm call, up ready and set off down the A68, screech of tyres, turn back, forgot wallet! So arrive at Barney 7.15. Time to set up transition, unfortunately the company who were supposed to set up the bike racking didn’t bother turning up so chairs had been set up instead, not ideal but we have to get on with it!.

Race briefing 7.40.

My race set off time is 9.03 – one minute behind fellow bounder Nigel Cook. Standing at the side of the pool I saw Nigel set off, my turn next, and we’re off. A good swim, had to slow down once or twice for slower swimmers but not held up too much. Out of the pool and a short run to transition where I notice Nigel still in transition and I’m thinking maybe I’m doing ok here. Struggled getting my Bounders vest over my wet tri suit, socks and bike shoes on, off we go for 14 miles. Mainly a long steady climb with a couple of 12% climbs and a fantastic 4 mile drop in to Barney. Nigel must have been off like a rocket because I never saw him on the bike at all! Taking time to look around, it’s a beautiful area to be in so this makes the hard work seem worthwhile.

Back in transition bike racked and running shoes on, off we go. As I come out I hear Nicola say Nigel is not that far ahead and my pace quickens. There’s a little downhill at the start of the run before a sharp off road uphill section. We climbed for over a mile on a very uneven surface around the edges of fields then a steep downhill before hitting a tarmac section then once round the track at the sports centre and a small climb. I’ve been trying to hold off another competitor for the last two mile but eventually she gets me 400m from the end. I’m gutted, but then I see John Million coming towards me with lots of support he gets me home and the usual Bounders support coming over the line is brilliant as usual.

John enthuses about the goody bag “have a look at this” he says showing me a glass trophy, better than an ill fitting tee shirt any day I think.

We go back and join the Bounders to clap and encourage others over the finish then we see Andrew Heppell, not a Bounder yet but I’m sure it won’t be long. I head off back down to the track to give encouragement. This guy has Just completed the coast to coast on Saturday raising over £700 for Willow Burn Hospice. Then comes and does a triathlon, I have to take my hat off to him and it was an honour to run the last 400m with him and John. I never caught Nigel, by the way, but it was a big push to think that I might! Definitely one for the diary next year. 

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