Kielder 10k – Saturday 4th October, 2014

Report submitted by Caroline Murray

The Race

Kielder 10k

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In Short

Beautiful scenery with a few undulations

In Full: While the rest of the competitors were being bused in the three of us walked down the hill from our lodge to the start. Much easier, and no toilet queues.

The start was delayed by 15 mins, initially by the run-bike-run competitors, and then the announcement that there was an obstruction on the course – apparently the mountain rescue were having a barbeque (Christine and Lesley were on the bus that went to investigate)

After the delay we were off, and it wasn’t long before we all warmed up. The biggest climb is early on in the race, it is an undulating course but nothing that a bounder can’t handle! The weather was perfect for running and the scenery is second to none. This is my favourite 10k race, they’ve got everything right = a few hills, with a good few downhill to recover, then the last bit is flat for a good finish.

The only thing that let them down were the marshals, as they were very quiet. Unfortunately Lesley, Christine, and Mike S were on the run-bike-run course. Stephen still managed to get his photo in the paper though!

I highly recommend this run, and staying in the lodge with the hot tub was a great way to spend the weekend.

Peter Carson 50:08

Caroline Murray 52.11

Stephen Daglish 57.58

Photos to follow

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