Junior Bounder XC Report – Sherman Cup – Temple Park, South Shields

Report submitted by Tom Carvell

As I was choosing my clothes for the cross country this morning, I heard a gale of wind wail across the rooftops of my bedroom; I immediately thought to myself that I needed to be equipped with more than just my vest, and pulled on my warm and snuggly, precious Blackhill Bounders hoodie.

On the journey to Temple Park, I spotted a rather large dull, black raincloud hovering above the fields and the centre. We gathered our coats and entered the building, sat around for fifteen minutes, as typically, mum had been rushing to get to the location, still with bags of unnecessary time.

By noon, Lorna and I were both ready for our races, with Lorna’s race starting at 12:15 and my race beginning at 12:45. I watched Lorna set off for the u11’s 0.6 mile race. Although the majority of the pack, as usual set off like it was a 100m sprint, my sister was very tactical and started off near the back of the pack. Through the race, she managed to pick many people off. Young Carvell finished with a very pleasing time of 4:16.


Nervously, I warmed up for my race and again spotted my rivals and thought today is the day that I beat them once again.

I had a bad start, starting at the back of the pack, but after I was up the first hill, I found myself in a comfortable position and I had already overtaken one of my rivals. The course was relatively flat, besides the three hills (but didn’t affect the Bounders of course!) and by half way I passed another one of my classmates from school.

I seemed to stick with one particular Tynedale runner all the way through. As we approached the finish line, I reminded myself that I wasn’t running for the competition or enjoyment, but for my mum’s homemade bakewell cake (which Stewy Bell particularly enjoyed!) We must’ve overtaken each other at least four times, before I overtook him with about 400m before the finish line.

To conclude, I was pleased with my time of 12:30 and yet again I saw the determined finish of Owen Young! It was a race well ran for both of us. It was a successful day for the Junior Bounders and I (and everyone else) is looking forward to the next fixture and to more cake!


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