NEHL Aykley Heads – Important Information

Below is important Information regarding parking etc for Saturday’s Harrier League Fixture at Aykley Heads

Race Parking is at Durham County Hall car park only. It’s free and only 400m from the start – please do not park anywhere else, please do not try to park closer to the course as you will be charged, or worse, and we could lose this venue!  There will be plenty of parking for everybody at County Hall but please car share & obey the car park marshals!

Tent drop off We have a tent drop off point this year adjacent to the course – only use this if your tent is very heavy! There is absolutely no parking for competitors here. Tents must be left with the tent drop off marshals and competitors return to County Hall to park.

Registration is in County Hall reception area should you need it – use the main entrance to County Hall.

Toilets are located in County Hall foyer and there will be portaloos close to the race start area.

Do not enter County Hall in muddy shoes – they won’t let us come back next year if you do!

The course is walking distance from County Hall car park (follow the signs) & is on the former Aykley Heads sports fields.

Venue Postcode: DH1 5UL

Aykley Heads Map 2015