May Newsletter

Club Run Reminder

We have had a couple of queries lately regarding concerns that groups are not covered insurance-wise if there is not a run leader. The club would like to reiterate that we no longer operate any Run England sessions, therefore run leaders are not an essential part of any group run.

Insurance Cover for Athletes – Who Is Insured?

As an athlete who has paid (or is deemed to have paid) subscriptions to a club or organisation affiliated to UKA, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, or Welsh Athletics, you are automatically provided with insurance cover which applies while you are involved in ‘athletics activities’. This not only relates to training and competing, but also to club/region administrative meetings as well as when part of a team representing  UKA, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, or Welsh Athletics.

So, in basic terms, anybody who is a member of Blackhill Bounders can take out a group of runners, you DO NOT have to be a run leader/coach.

If you have any further queries with regards to this can you please direct them to our club secretary,

Popular Races

Below is a list of popular races that are being held in June. There are also lots of other races that can be found on either of these links   or

This race is already full as most of you will be aware. A bus has been organised at a cost of £5 per person. Names to Amanda Phillips at , please. The bus must be paid for to confirm your seat as this is a popular event and therefore the bus fills quite quickly.

NEWBURN RIVER RUN – 14 June 2017

ANITA KNOTT – 26 June 2017
Ladies only race (sorry gents!) with fizz afterwards!

TYNEDALE 10K – 27 June 2017

There are also various 10k events throughout June organised by Run Nation.