Report on Thornley XC

Thank you to Anna Sugden for her round-up of events on Saturday 10th February …..

An  outstanding day at Thornley on Saturday, where our fearless runners heroically took part in one of the hardest courses in the league – in extraordinarily harsh conditions.

Blackhill Bounders, for one day only, became The Terrific Titans in their big hearted, giants’ response to marshalling as well as running. Not only did the men come first after a superb turnout, but the ladies’ team skipped into 6th place, with an excellent all round performance from all.

All the seniors fought a persistent combat through calf-deep mud, knee-deep puddles and bitter cold conditions.

Marshalls also endured a long shift; directing, encouraging and even gallantly rescuing stranded athletes from the slippery sludge. There was never a dull moment on the field, even quiet moments were used wisely in creative pursuit, with the Bounders’ banter heard far and wide across Thornley and beyond.

The kids’ teams also flourished again: it was calculated that one fifth of the U13 Boys’ Fast Pack line-up was made up of Blackhill vests. An impressive repeat performance from the U13 boys’ team, this time with Slane, White and Thompson leading the pack  towards a secure second place.

The U13 girls had a brave barefoot bolt through mud, wood and stones with three members losing shoes in the quagmire. Hughes continued resolutely, without retrieval. Anderson ran her best race yet, and made the promotion to Fast Pack in the U13 girls’ race.

But it wasn’t all about the glory of coming in first; our Bounders ( senior and junior) are honoured to hold the coveted last position in races also.

“Someone has to run gracefully in that mess! Consequently, you earn last place, but I represented the Blackhill vest with a touch of elegance” said Elizabeth Sugden defiantly, a proud holder of the last position in the U15 girls’ race.

We move to the final race next month, where we ask all members to consider running, jogging or crawling in an attempt to hold our position in the league.

Whether you take advice from Elizabeth or Patrick, Blackhill Bounders welcomes you to race next month, and indeed next season.

Stop believing you’re not good enough or you couldn’t manage the course! You can, and should,  and we welcome anyone and everyone aboard!

Sport Commentator


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