Notice of club meeting!

Wednesday 17th November at Blackhill Bowls Club 7pm.

Now that most of us have been able to enter some races and restrictions have been lifted, we want to look at what we can do to move the club forward for 2022 and beyond. We want everyone to share their ideas on what they want from the club and what they can do to help.

We’ve arranged a meeting on the 17th of November at 7PM, for you to come and share your thoughts and ideas, as well as having a drink!

Before coming along, it would be great if you could do a couple of things. 

  1. Please confirm your email address is correct, we need that, or we can’t send anything to you because of GDPR rules.
  2. And most importantly, let us know if you have any questions or ideas about what the club should be doing. 

We want your thoughts on things like,

  • What kind of training nights do you want? E.g., Structured training sessions, long Sunday runs?
    • Where do we want to meet? 
    • Do you want to take part in team events? E.g., Harrier League Cross Country, Relays etc?
    • What races do you want to arrange trips to? E.g., Blyth Sands 5th December.
    • What do you think we should do about membership fees? It was £15 this year which covered the England Athletics fee.
    • Or anything else you want to talk about.

As well as your ideas, please let us know what you are able and willing to do to help arrange all of this. The club is for all members, and everyone can make a contribution.  

Please let us have your thoughts before the 10th of November, that should give us enough time to collate them all and to prepare some further ideas etc. If you can’t make that evening, we still want to read what you have to suggest. 

Look forward to seeing as many people as possible on the evening.

Stewy Bell

 Club Secretary