The Committee

The Committee consists up to 15 volunteer members, including 3 officers and 12 ordinary representatives from the membership. All the positions are elected each year at the Club Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The purpose of the AGM is

  • To decide on any resolution which may have been submitted,
  • To receive from the Committee a report, balance sheet, and statement of accounts for the preceding financial year,
  • To elect the Honorary Officers and the Committee.

The following members of the club have been elected onto the committee for 2023/24.

Ian Young (Chairman)

Stewy Bell (Secretary)

Nigel Cook (Treasurer)

Jordan Bell

Lynda Clough

Shirley Corbett

Aidan Hughes

Don Kent

General roles and responsibilities of the Committee

All members of the Committee are expected to attend the meetings that are held every 6 weeks or so, as well as take on actions and responsibilities for the roles they have volunteered to do.

The role of the Committee is to make decisions on behalf of the members to ensure the club is run properly. This includes facilitating activities that club members want to do and ensuring that we do everything we are legally and officially obliged to do as a club.

Given the size of the club and range of activities provided, Committee members work with a variety of additional volunteers in sub-roles to organise, co-ordinate and provide these different activities for members

If you are interested in joining the Committee or volunteering for other roles within the club, contact the Club Secretary Stewy Bell

Club Committee Meetings

ALL members will be emailed a copy of the meeting minutes via the email that was supplied when you joined the club so please check your inbox or junk folders. If you have not received an email please let us know so we can rectify our records and ensure you get a copy, contact the Club Secretary Stewy Bell

Previous minutes are archived and available on request if required, contact the Club Secretary Stewy Bell

Club Documents

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