Grand Prix

Congratulations to 2019 Grand Prix Winners

Carol Morrison and Trev Jones

The Points Table has been reset and 2020 Events will be updated soon.

Grand Prix Format

Following a suggestion at the 2018 AGM there will be a BONUS of 50 Points should anyone achieve a LIFE TIME BEST time at any of the following distances, 

  • 5K (Not parkrun)
  • 10K
  • Half Marathon,

(They don’t have to be GP listed races either) 

If anyone records a lifetime best, please send John Hopps relevant race information and time together with their previous record details, (Date, Race & Time)

Scoring System

The scoring system will remain the same as in previous years, members can participate in as many of the listed events as they want, however only their best 10 scoring events + their Wild Card will count to the final Grand Prix table.  Note, the time carry over period for events has changed from 3 years to 2 years!

  • 10 points 3 mins over PB
  • 15 points 2 mins 1 secs – 3 mins over PB
  • 20 points 1 min 1 secs – 2 mins over PB
  • 30 points within 1 min of PB
  • 35 points equal to PB
  • 40 points up to 30 secs improvement on PB
  • 45 points 31 secs – 1 min improvement on PB
  • 50 points 1min 1 sec – 1 min 30 secs improvement on PB
  • 55 points 1 min 31 secs – 2 mins improvement on PB
  • 5 points for every 30 secs improvement over 2 mins
  • Maximum Points 100

Points Cap

To prevent one or two run away winners dominating the competition the maximum score you can achieve for any one race will now be 100 points.

The Wild Card

You can substitute any Grand Prix race, with any other race of your choice (Minimum Distance 10K)  but you MUST declare your intention BEFORE you run the substitute race.

Anyone who runs any of the races below will be automatically entered into the Grand Prix. This makes things a whole lot simpler for the results fairies, rather than trying to chase people down to ask if they want to be included. If, for whatever reason, you really don’t want to be included please let  John Hopps know,


Under UK Athletics rules, athletes who run in transferred numbers without permission from the race organiser, will not have their result entered!

2020 Confirmed Grand Prix Races


1  Sherman Cup XC                         4th Jan

2 Blackhill parkrun                         1st Feb
3 Alnwick Castle XC                     29th Feb

4 Coniston 14                               21st Mar
5 Druridge Bay XC                       29th Mar

6 Port of Blyth 10k                        5th Apr
7 North Tyneside 10k                 12th Apr
8 Sand Dancer 10k                      19th Apr

9 Keswick Half Marathon            3rd May
10 Pier to Pier                              17th May
11 Edinburgh 10K                        23rd May
12 Edinburgh Half Marathon    24th May

13 George Ogle TBC
14 Great North 10k                     28th June