Grand Prix


Grand Prix

 Congratulations to our 2018 Grand Prix winners – Helen Kipling & David Walton

The points table will shortly be reset and the attention will turn to the 2019 competition, starting with the Sherman Cup Cross Country 5th January 2019, the rest of the schedule will be finalised soon.

Grand Prix Format Change

The scoring system will remain the same as in previous years, members can participate in as many of the listed events as they want, however only their best 9 scoring events + their Wild Card will count to the final Grand Prix table. Note : the time carry over period for events has changed from 3 years to 2 years.

Following a suggestion at this years AGM, there will be a BONUS of 50 points should anyone achieve a LIFE TIME BEST time at any of the following distances, 5k (not Parkrun), 10k & Half Marathon (don’t have be GP listed races and  can only be claimed once per GP season for each distance) If anyone records a lifetime best, please send John Hopps the relevant race information and time together with their previous record details, (Date, Race & Time)

Points Cap

To prevent one or two run-away winners dominating the competition the maximum score you can achieve for any one race will now be 100 points.

The Wild Card

You can substitute any Grand Prix race, with any other race of your choice (minimum distance 10k)  but you MUST declare your intention BEFORE you run the substitute race,

Anyone who runs any of the races below will be automatically entered into the Grand Prix. This makes things a whole lot simpler for the results fairies, rather than trying to chase people down to ask if they want to be included. If, for whatever reason, you really don’t want to be included please let John Hopps know


Under UK Athletic rules, athletes who run in transferred numbers without permission from the race organiser, will not have their result entered, also to make GP table updating easier, results are taken from runners entered as Blackhill Bounders.

2019 Grand Prix Races


1 Sherman Cup/Davison Shield (Sat 5th )


2 Blackhill Parkrun (Sat 2nd )


3 NEHL Alnwick XC (Sat 2nd )

4 Coniston 14 (Sat 30th)




5 Port of Blyth 10k (Sun 7th)

6 Sand Dancer 10k (Sun14th)

7 North Tyneside 10k(Sun 21st)


8 Keswick Half Marathon (Sun 5th May)

9 Pier to Pier (Sun 19th May)

10 Edinburgh Half Marathon (26th May)

11 George Ogle TBC


12 Newburn River Run (Wed 12th June)

13 Blackhill Parkrun (Sat 15th June)
















The Scoring System

 This presented us with a few headaches as we needed something that was going to work fairly right across the board, and with the club having such a diverse membership, it wasn’t easy. We now hope that we have come up with such a system, and that you’ll agree it’s fair for everyone, no matter what their ability.

Put simply, the idea is to run as many races as possible to achieve your best 10 points scoring races (9 plus wild card). Participating runners will receive points based upon a comparison of a previous (within the last 2 years) personal best for that race. Don’t worry if you want to run a particular race, but have no previous form. You will still receive points for doing so (see below).

 10pts – 3+ mins over PB
15pts – between 2 mins 1 sec, and 3 mins over PB
20pts – between 1 min 1 sec, and 2 mins over PB
30pts – within 1 min over PB
35pts – Equal to PB
40pts – upto 30 secs improvement on PB
45pts – between 31 secs, and 1 min improvement on PB
50pts – between 1 min 1 sec, and 1 min 30 secs improvement on PB
55pts – between 1 min 31 secs, and  2 mins improvement on PB
+5pts – for every extra 30 secs over 2 mins improvement on PB, up to a maximum of 100 points
25pts will be given for running any race with no recent form


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