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The George Ogle Memorial Race – Wednesday 28th May 2014

George Ogle Group

Report submitted by Sharron Skeen


The Race George Ogle Memorial Race
Overall Score (out of a possible 35) 29.5
PB Potential 3.5
Atmosphere 4
Organisation 4
Scenery 5
Value for Money 4
Beginner Friendliness 4
Club Support & Social 5
In Short  –
In Full:Having this been my first race as a Bounder last year, I decided to give it another go, just because I loved the 2 hills from last year, ahem! The conditions were, shall I say, a tad damp, but it didn’t appear to dent anyone’s enthusiasm. The 4 girls (myself, Kelly, Cheryl and Emma) decided to all “tootle” round together as it was their first time. We started right at the back of everyone so that we wouldn’t get trampled in the rush and had to promptly stop to negotiate a large puddle. Having managed that, off we set through Derwenthaugh Park.

It was a lovely scenic route and the rain didn’t seem that bad once we got going. The route went round the park and then looped onto the Derwent Walk. At this point some of the front runners were on their way back down the line but we got lots of encouragement from everyone as they passed us. I warned the others about the hills, but I don’t think they believed me until we started up the first one which went off up a track from the Walk. Once we managed to get up there, it was a nice little downhill to the water station where we had a welcome drink and enjoyed some music. Didn’t have time to stop for a boogie unfortunately!

We carried on down into some fields with puddles and mud and by that time it was a case of just go through them rather than trying to save your trainers. I was trying not to think about the big steps to go up back onto the Walk and by this time Cheryl and Emma were slightly ahead of me and Kelly. Suddenly the dreaded steps appeared and I got up them walking. As I came to the top I could see a line of about 5 marshals watching me come up the hill. “Don’t watch me walking up here” I cried, then got to the top to be met by Chris Haswell with a camera taking photos! That was not a nice place to stand and take photos.

Kelly came up behind me; we caught our breath and then started down the line for the last 2 miles. I checked my watch and said to Kelly we had plenty of time to get back to be under the hour. As we ran down the line, we managed to pass a couple of other runners as it was a nice straight downhill all the way to the finish. We started to struggle with about a mile to go but running with someone else is so much easier and we kept each other going. With about 300 yards to go we were cheered in by Brian, and Colin came to run in with us. I heard Colin shout at me to sprint so I did, or at least I tried and I wasn’t going to stop for the puddle this time.

The Bounders were out in force cheering us on and hearing those cheers at the end when you are flagging gives you the boost to keep going and get over the line. I stopped my watch over the line and looked at it and to my utter surprise I had knocked a minute off my time from last year. All the girls did extremely well for their first time and we all enjoyed it. It is a nice race to do if you don’t mind a couple of hills, but if you can run round Consett, you can do the hills.

I would definitely recommend it as a first race and no doubt I’ll be doing I again next year. Finally, I have to say what a great club the Bounders is for the support and camaraderie that exists and I am proud to be one of them.


 Full results to follow

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